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Ready to show up on Instagram and get more leads?

Heads up… Instagram is where your dream clients are hanging out! But you already knew that… Want to know how to reach them? Scoop up your FREE easy-to-implement guide with 14 quick tips to grow your Instagram account and get more visible.



You’re busting your butt off,
working around the clock, juggling motherhood, posting on social media at all the right
hours and trying all the strategies to

build the business
of your dreams.

On the outside, it might look like you
have it all figured out. But on the inside, you know…

you’re made for so much more.

Hey, I’m Tanya!

I started my photography business as a little side hustle in 2012 and finally went full time two years later, just a few weeks before giving birth to my daughter.  

I didn’t know where to start getting more clients, no real goals and was running my business from my couch in leggings with a boob out. #thatbreastfeedinglife

Four months later, I arrived at a wedding I was about to shoot all day and I had no idea what I was doing there.
I’m talking total wrong client, completely under charged and that new mom exhaustion that lasts all of the first year.
HOW did I get HERE?!
That was a turning point for me in my business.


I know how you feel, because I was once there too…

+ You want to have an intentional business, and a simple strategy to market yourself and your packages. 

+ You want your marketing to feel honest and help you connect with clients.

+ You want to work with more dream clients who you know are absolutely, deep down in your heart right for you. 

+ You want to feel brave enough to put your face behind your brand and come out from hiding behind your camera.

+ You want more time to live a balanced, fulfilled life with a business you love and the flexibility and freedom to spend time doing things with the people you love most.

Kind words are like honey, sweet to the soul.

“What an amazing and down to earth photographer…Tanya’s real-life descriptions of her life and photography just sealed the deal even
before speaking to her.” – Raoul & Carissa

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